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'Art is the earth's Heaven, and will always hear our cries against the oppression which haunt this life.'

- Franz Liszt


Liszt's entire life centred around giving: to the composers, dead or alive, whose music he made known by performing and publishing it; to the music-loving public whose ranks he swelled, not least in the special form of his transcriptions and reworkings; to the many young musicians to whom he imparted the secrets of his art; to all the victims of life's troubles whom he supported, connecting with them through his innumerable charitable concerts which he continued even after retiring officially as a pianist at the age of 36 in 1847. No wonder his motto was 'Caritas!”, Charity!

It was in this spirit that we formed the 'Friends of Lisztomanias', so that you could join the 'virtuous circle' which we seek to draw as widely as possible. Our aims? To propagate a wider understanding of Liszt's personality far and wide, and through this understanding to foster the generosity and sharing which he stood for.

Jean-Yves Clément, Artistic director

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  • An annual membership card
  • Preview access to our programme and reservations
  • A copy of the Festival programme-booklet
  • An invitation to the official of Lisztomanias at the Institut Hongrois in Paris
  • An invitation to the Liszt Academy at the Institut Hongrois
  • Access to the drinks party after the Closing Concert
  • A welcome bag with local tourist information

You will receive regular information updates about events organised by the Lisztomanias association.

Other advantages will be on offer according to which formula you choose.


Complete and return the annual subscription form (which you can download below), together with your payment, to the following address:

Association des Lisztomanias
Monsieur Gérard Martinat
34 rue de Verdun – 36 130 Déols

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  • Wire transfer (please indicate the transfer reference on your subscription form; 
  • The Association’s the Hello Asso secure platform

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Formules proposées

  • Sospiro

    INDIVIDUAL : 40€ / COUPLE : 70€

    Early booking before official booking opens

  • Feux follets

    INDIVIDUAL: 80€ / COUPLE: 140€

    Early booking before official booking opens
    Access to some rehearsals

  • Campanella

    INDIVIDUAL: 180€ / COUPLE: 320€

    Early booking before official booking opens
    Access to some rehearsals
    Free access to the 'Young soloists' concert

  • Mazeppa


    Early booking before official booking opens
    Access to some rehearsals
    Free access to the 'Young soloists' concert
    Free entrance to one of the conferences
    An invitation to the Partners' drinks party

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Votre don vous donne droit à une réduction d’impôts égale à 66% de son montant, dans la limite de 20% du revenu imposable de votre foyer. L’association des Lisztomanias de Châteauroux est reconnue organisme d’intérêt général et peut, à ce titre, délivrer des reçus fiscaux à ses donateurs. À réception de votre don, il vous sera envoyé votre carte de membre ainsi que le reçu fiscal correspondant.