"Lisztomanias Humanitaires"

© Quentin Rabret / Ory Prod
© Yvan Bernaer
© Quentin Rabret / Ory Prod

'The artist's mission is to express, demonstrate, elevate and render divine all aspects of humanitarian feeling.'

- Franz Liszt

Connected by music

Our ‘Humanitarian Lisztomanias’ were first organised in 2018, in partnership with the Direction de la Culture and the Centre Communal d’Action Sociale of our home town Châteauroux: our aim is to use music to connect members of our community.
‘Humanitarian Lisztomanias’ fulfills Liszt’s own desire to share music with those whose access to concert is limited. Our programme takes our artists to people who are isolated, vulnerable, in exile, in prison, or set apart by disability.
Its outreach projects aim to connect young people to so-called ‘classical’ music.


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Why humanitarian ?

Franz Liszt was an unusual philanthropist, reaching out to others throughout his life. He gave large numbers of charity concerts across Europe and performed in prisons, orphanages and asylums.

He used the word ‘humanitarian’ as early as 1830, when he declared: ‘Moral initiative, the demonstration of humanitarian progress, however hard the sacrifices and dedication required, whatever ridicule and envy can throw in our face – this is what true artists have always shared’.


Inside/Outside the festival

A pianist in residence
Concerts in healthcare establishments and prisons
Practical instrumental workshops
Exchanges with the artists in school and at outreach concerts
Invitations for the people for and with whom our humanitarian partners work
An exhibition organised by a youth team