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Lisztomanias de Châteauroux
Conference by Charles Tobermann
Brahms and Liszt, two fake enemies?
Chapelle des Rédemptoristes / Auditorium Franz Liszt

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24 octobre 2022
2 pm
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À propos

Charles Tobermann, musicologist, composer and teacher, was born in Springfield, Illinois (USA) in 1955. He began to study piano and trombone at age nine, with an early interest in improvised music: rock, jazz, blues. He studied jazz at Berklee College of Music inBoston, then music history, composition, piano, and conducting at the University of California. After his bachelor’s degree, he studied music history and conducting at the University of Virginia, with a master’s degree and a thesis on Beethoven’s late quartets. He did post-graduate work in Salzburg and Paris. He worked as a software engineer, in the areas of music, recording, and audio-visual, notably at Apple and Vivendi Universal. After deciding to concentrate on teaching music, he received the “agrégation de musique (the highest level of teacher certification) in 2005, and taught music at lycée Jean Zay in Orléans.
Charles Tobermann frequently lectures in the region on Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Debussy, Bartók, and others, often in lecture-concerts with Sylvie Chatelier (violon) et Jean-François Bouvery (piano) and with the Quatuor Diotima.

Le même jour
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Chapelle des Rédemptoristes / Auditorium Franz Liszt
Improvisation Academy
Academy Liszt

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Médiathèque Equinoxe - Salle du Conte
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Chapelle des Rédemptoristes / Auditorium Franz Liszt
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Concert Liszt and Brahms
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Jean-Baptiste Doulcet, piano

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Cafés des Halles et Saint-Hubert

Young soloists of the Academy Liszt

8.30 pm
Équinoxe, Scène Nationale
Geoffroy Couteau

Recital Liszt et Brahms
Geoffroy Couteau, piano