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Lisztomanias de Châteauroux
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Conference, by Nicolas Dufetel
Conference 'Liszt and Brahms, a whole distant world'
Chapelle des Rédemptoristes / Auditorium Franz Liszt

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21 octobre 2022
2.30 pm
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À propos

Nicolas Dufetel, musicologist, is a researcher at the CNRS and deputy director of the IREMUS (Institut de recherche en musicologie, Paris). After studies in France, Italy, Hungary and Germany, he completed a post-doc at the BnF and another at the Humboldt Foundation (Weimar), and received the Nordell Fellowship from Harvard University (Houghton Library). He has taught Musical Culture at the Conservatoire à rayonnement régional d’Angers and was an advisor for the national commemorations of Chopin (2010) and Liszt (2011). His work is devoted to Liszt, Wagner, and more generally to nineteenth-century music, to the correspondence between letters and the arts, to European identity, and to questions of aesthetics, analysis, and epistemology. He also studies the history of music in Constantinople in the 19th century and the links between East and West. He collaborates with several festivals and musical institutions and has been an advisor to the Lisztomanias since 2007. Since 2020, he has been Deputy Mayor for Culture of the City of Angers. He is currently preparing the translation of Lina Ramann’s Liszt paedagogium, dedicated to the teaching of Liszt, and the edition of the correspondence between Liszt and the Grand Duke of Weimar. He has published Tout le ciel en musique, anthology of thoughts by Franz Liszt and Felix Mendelssohn, Lettres européennes 1830-1832, published by Le Passeur.

Two personalities, two ways of conceiving music and bringing it to life: Brahms and Liszt claim the same heritage, that of Beethoven, but interpret it differently. The conference will propose a journey through their lives, their encounters, their differences, but also what unites them to make them two emblematic and unavoidable giants of the 19th century.

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